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We know that you are here not because you want to, but because you have to. You have a loved one who needs help. Immediately. We are here to help you navigate the next few critical hours. With empathy, care and a sense of urgency we hope to be of help.


Every life matters.

Every case is unique and we know not everything can be paraphrased through a website. We strongly recommend you call us or drop us a note to call you back.

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Pilatus PC-12

Patient + 2/3 Attendants

Ideal For Long Distances

The Pilatus PC12 is a favorite and one of the most popular aircrafts globally in the medical evacuation industry. The Pilatus PC12 can fly almost 1200nm (2222km) non-stop which covers most destinations non-stop. Additionally the Pilatus PC12 is equipped with a full size cargo door, which makes loading and unloading for the patient very comfortable. Used by the Royal Flying Doctors of Australia, Air Evalia in Nigeria, the PC12 has earned its reputation as a workhorse. We like to think of the PC-12 as a B200 which provides the cost of a C90

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Beechcraft KingAir C90

Patient + 2 Attendant

Ideal For Shorter Distances

The Beechcraft King Air C90 is the most popular aircraft in the Medical Evacuation business in India. This wonderful twin-engine built by Beechcraft has retained its heritage which has been built over the past 40+ years as a robust, reliable and able workhorse. The C90 comes with its limitation of endurance, which is usually around 210mins of flying after which it would need a tech stop, hence is best suited for shorter sectors. Notwithstanding, we have taken patients from Dibrugarh to Trivandrum on a C90 as well. 


Beechcraft KingAir B200

Patient + 3/4 Attendants

Ideal For Long Distances

The Beechcraft King Air B200 is one of the best multi-role aircraft in the Medical Evacuation business in India. The B200 looks like a longer version of the C90, but it comes with an enhanced range as it flies faster than the C90 hence covering more ground in the same time. If you need to move quickly over a long distance and are unable to find a Pilatus, this is the aircraft we would recommend. Also, this has space to carry at least one or two (depending on the configuration) more attendants than the C90.  




Wg. Cdr. S. Chandrasekar (Retd)

Wg. Cdr. S. Chandrasekar (Retd) was commissioned into the Indian Air Force in the flying branch. Having flown the IL-14, An-12 and the An-32 he brings one of the widest experience of flying transport aircrafts. Having served in important appointments such as Staff Officer as well as Aide-de-Camp (ADC) he has had significant administrative experience which has well rounded his flying career as well as administrative experience. His flying expertise comes into play when transferring critically ill patients by bringing his ability to plan the flying paths in the most optimal manner to ensure that the transfer is done in the least possible time.


Sr. Consultant (M.B.B.S., M.D.) INTINSIVIST

Dr. Anjali Shah (M.B.B.S.)

Dr. S. Murali (M.B.B.S.)


Mr. Shiv Mani

Mr. Mayank Arora

Mr. Satish Kumar




Contagious Diseases Air Ambulance

Iris Aviation Co. owns the Patient Isolation Transport Unit and has an aircraft that can accept such patients. Normally, patients with COVID-19 cannot be transported owing to the contagious nature of the disease which can infect everyone around if adequate precautions are not taken. The PITU we use is manufactured by ISOVAC of USA and supported by Spectrum-Aeromed of USA. This is a high-quality 'pod' which helps isolate the patient from the outside ensuring everyone accompanying the patient is safe. The PITU is FAA-Approved (the only one in the world to have a FAA Approval) and is also US-FDA approved. Please do not fall for fakes or replicas which do not have any certification which can put a lot of lives at risk.

Proud to partner with ISOVAC LLC, USA and Spectrum Aeromed, USA

We are ISO 13485 : 2016 Certified for "Installation and Servicing of Patient Isolation Transport Unit for Infectious Diseases".

We are the pioneers in Air evacuation of COVID +ve patients and have successfully evacuated over 300 COVID positive patients since the start of the pandemic.



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