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One of the alternate ways of transporting patients who are not on ventilator, life-support or specialized medical assistance is to use the services of an airline providing a stretcher. This service is not only more cost-effective than an air ambulance, but is also quicker and with lesser discomfort to the patient as these are much larger aircraft with a lot more space. 

This service is heavily dependent on airlines and their process of patient acceptance. Which in many cases can take between 2-days to 7-days depending on availability and approval. Team Iris will help with the medical escort and the co-ordination between the airline to ensure a bed-to-bed transfer. Since there is a lot of paperwork involved in this process, it is important that you keep all medical reports and details handy when you speak to minimise the time taken to turnaround. 

Speak to us to know more about commercial airline stretcher transfer in India and overseas. 

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